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David Curtis Teaching on the Feasts of the Lord

I left a comment recently on another blog.  The blogger was saying that the promise God gave to Abraham to “Bless those that bless you” in Gen 12, was refering to the entire nation of Israel.  My comment stated that that word was not given to the nation of Israel, but to Abram while and he was not a Jew.  I went on to say that the blessings of Abraham were passed to the gentiles through Jesus Christ. 

She commented with that old cliche about believing in  “replacement theology”…. It’s the same old argument for those who are into dispensational futurism.  She told me about how after the “rapture” God is going to deal with Israel seperately (Dual covenant theology??)   and that the antichrist is going to set up his kingdom againt Israel.  When I reminded her that Israel had already been surrounded by armies (Luke 21) she then said “Ah…. I see. You’re a preterist. That explains your post completely. You believe that nothing remains of prophecy to be fulfilled, and that it was fulfilled in 70 A.D.”   She then accused me of interpreting the Bible spiritually.  Well, No Crystal… I take literally that which is literal and spiritual that which is spiritual!   She then went on to tell me that preterism was a leaky vessel. 

I’ve been pondering the exchange for several days and I decided to counter this with some intellegent preterist teachings.  If you really know the word and how to use proper exegesis and let the Bible interpret itself, the vessel actually doesn’t leak!  Let’s let go of our preconditioned brainwashing and open our ears and hearts to truth. 

This is a teaching by David Curtis teaching on the Feasts from a preterist view point:   (http://www.worldwithoutend.info/start/audios/feasts.htm)






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