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A Review of the Book “The Physics of Heaven” by Larry DeBruyn

Recommended reading of the book review from Herescope:

The Physics of Heaven


By Pastor Larry DeBruyn

On Herescopeblog.com 


The book The Physics of Heaven (TPOH) boldly attempts to launch a new theology. Pastor Larry DeBruyn’s 12-part series has provided our readers with a solid apologetic to refute both its pseudo-science and mystical teachings. When he wrote Part 1 Pastor DeBruyn observed that “some within the Charismatic movement are asserting that a Quantum merger is taking place between the powers of heaven and the energies of earth.” He summarized the book’s emerging eschatology:

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Part 1: The Physics of Heaven
Part 2: The Power of the Zero-Point Field
Sidebar: Jesus’ Lesser Works
Part 3: Extracting the Precious From the Worthless
Part 4: Vibrating in Harmony With God
Part 5: BILL JOHNSON: Squandering Our Spiritual Inheritance
Part 6: Unsagacious Seers
Part 7: Bad Vibes
Part 8: Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth
Part 9: Quantum Charismatics
Part 10: “The Energy Angel” and the Energy Crisis

Part 11: God’s New Sound



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