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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new on this blog. Many of you wrote to me and wondered why I took down all the content that was posted here regarding new age and mystic practices, as well as false doctrine in the church. Well, the fact of the matter is that the Lord was dealing with me for a long time about it before I actually did it.

I have been trying to live in Isaiah 58, in true fasting, and one of the verses is “if you do away with the pointing finger”. In truth I wasn’t sure how much good the blog was actually doing, albeit it was educating people, but God calls us to follow him, not map out the devil. The closer we are to Jesus, the TRUTH, the easier it will be to spot the false or untruth. Just like the feral agents…. they don’t learn to spot counterfeit money by studying the counterfeits. They study genuine bills until they master the look of the real thing. Then when they see the fake money they recognize it right away. It should be the same with us!

Therefore, I’ve taken a break and I’m now ready to change directions. I’m wanting to live hard after God and seek him only. I hope you will join me in this joyful journey!



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  1. Chad

    Isaiah 58’s pointing of the finger has to do with blame and accusation, notice how it is followed by hitting with a wicked fist. This passage is talking specifically about fasting and why it was not having the desired spiritual and physical effect on the people it was designed to have. It has nothing to do with exposing the unfruitful works of darkness. Which is all the more important now, considering the times we live in and the amount of deception going on these days. It permeates almost every aspect of the church today. As I look around in just my small circle, I am seeing seemingly solid, decades long christians being swallowed up in apostacy. The information you provided served as a warning to others who are being led astray, as like Paul you reasoned with them. It helped those who have loved ones who are falling victim to these deceptions and being blindly dragged into hell. It gave them a grid to approach and reason with them, giving them also a specificity in the anguished prayer over them. It helped parents rescue their children from cults. It caused people to withdraw financial support from the charlatans and thereby lessen their influence over the unsuspecting. There were those who were exploring some new movement and were looking for answers before they committed themselves, many were snatched back at the last moment. You also shined light into the dark places.
    The light of the Gospel of truth.
    The counterfeit money analogy might be fine for bank tellers, but as regards the truth of the Gospel, it is sadly deficient. Millions of people are being presented with a false gospel and never having heard the truth, there is nothing for them to judge by. Having never seen real money, the counterfeit is all they know.
    Not knowing how much good the blog was actually doing, is not really a concern. As it is, if only one, single, solitary sinner was turned from his/her way, just one, that would have been enough. My pastor spoke these words, just a few Sundays ago -“God has not given me the ok to give up on anyone”. Trust me, I see a great deal of ‘hopeless’ cases everywhere I go, of my own household as well. And the temptation to crawl into a cave like Jeremiah is almost overpowereing at times. But that is not our purpose. I was once one of these ‘hopeless’ cases myself.
    Jesus said “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” it is not a time that we should shrink back, but to press on all the more, prayerfully and carefully -yet boldly as well.
    Christian life is never about serving ourselves, it is about serving God and His purposes, it is not even about serving God through serving others – it is about serving God as He sees fit, in His will. It is true that each of us needs time of refreshing, to wash our feet from the dirt we have tracked in from the world. This should be a daily occurence as we commune with the Father before His throne, praying without ceasing as we are told in the epistles.
    A good harvest analogy -and a true story as well- recalls the communist collective system. Before they came along, at harvest the crops were brought in diligently from sunrise until it’s setting. When the communists seized the land and instituted collectivism, all of the sudden the time clock was introduced. One would work one’s allotted hours and no more. Much of the harvest rotted and withered before it could be gathered. Famine then ensued, starvation and death. It took them a while to figure out what was going on, the Uraine suffered the most during this period.
    The harvest is indeed plentiful. The extreme vast majority of all people do not know what they are getting into with these movements, cults and false doctrines, that is what God’s people are for, to lead, reason and expose. Knowing the fear of the Lord, we persuade men.

  2. WELCOME BACK!!! Thank you for again speaking the Truth.

  3. A much needed break and a new direction!

  4. Thanks for your comment Chad…. the bottom line is that my season of doing this was over and there was no more grace for it. I felt convicted about pointing the finger at people I did not know and at times on the verge of slander. It may still be important to expose the deeds of darkness, but it is the time for someone else to pick up the mantle.

  5. It’s great to see you back to blogging, and I’ll look forward to following along again and seeing the new direction that God is leading you in.

  6. Thanks Adam….. maybe you could guest blog some time!

  7. Thank you as well. I would be open to that. Likewise, you’re welcome to guest blog at my site.

  8. I’m not an advocate of “pointing fingers” either, Joanne, (if it is done viciously). But I do NOT want to see anyone else go thru losing a child to a cult. It literally took YEARS to repair the damage that was done to my child and to our relationship. For that reason, I continue to hoist Warning flags against IHOP.

    IHOP is NOT an International House of Prayer, but rather an International House of Mysticism/Occult run by a gentleman who says he truly loves God! But it’s NOT GOD he’s promoting! It’s another god he’s serving!

    Due to warning flags raised, other parents, have read, considered, prayed and then forbid their kids from going there. Praise God. But sister, you do as God leads you. His gifts are without repentance, so keep going with whatever He gives you. Sister, keep that Fire burning! :)

  9. BOS

    Hi, WELCOME BACK: Chad excellent write.
    J. It wasn’t pointing of the finger ( that was enemy and witchcraft and probably wrong prayers like praying for us to die and cursing with cancer).
    J. Bequeath you and those like Annunk “Troublemakers in the Church” by David Wilkerson June 2007; he was praying for ARMIES of them. It was my 2nd favorite compliment, it allowed me to let it go.

    For those of us who came aboard to expose corruption, we knew something like this was going to happen, that someone would get murdered, molested, or kill themselves leaving false church because of control and shame based etc. It was what we come out of. Look at my former cult, the atrocities were there for all to see and hear like these mentioned and the dynasty is still going and people are stilling tithing and attending, GO FIGURE.

    Think of William Lobdell’s written works in L.A. Times exposing corrupt churches and leadership along with other writer’s, his book, “losing my religion”. Trinity Foundation, Dallas Texas, Bill & Jackie Alnor,, many books regarding church abuse, Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, Toxic Faith, Pagan Christianity, Don’t Call Me Brother, 10 Lies Church Tells Women, James Lloyd books especially corruption on Calvary Chapel. Dick Sutphen’s article on christian brainwashing; Leonard Ravenhill and Arthur Katz-Apostolic Foundation/prophetic call and on iand on it goes. Somewhere, more are posted on cosmic cathedral=the Tyler I thought I knew; what Rolling Stones didn’t tell you about Tyler Denton, and babel, Pentecost and the house of prayer: my time at IHOP-KC blog by two awesome excellent writers.

    Well, you can’t say we didn’t try, warn, let media and gov’t agencies know to what avail? Just because false church leadership is not correctable, teachable.

    I understand change. Was remembering the GLORY days, where Divine revelations, hidden manifestations of God, seeing into heavenly realm was normal, direction and visitation and evil religious people don’t want that and try and metaphorically kill those who want to believe the bible and see and live in healing of the sick and the raising of the dead is NORMAL, going gather the lost. Like what one of my favorite authors said Leonard Ravenhill, God was looking for one, let’s be those armies of one.
    Psalms 27:4
    Waiting, watching with GREAT expectations..Numbers 6:24-26.

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