The Beauty of Nothing

One of the most powerful messages I have ever heard from Sermon Index:

The Beauty of Nothing

by Richard Wurmbrand

Topic: Persecuted Church

Description: Pastor Wurmbrand shares his experiences in jail for 14 years by the communists. He shares a specific facet of his testimony which was the nothingness they were faced with in jail. No bibles, No fellowship, No communion, No sound. But admist this all the Lord Jesus Christ revealed himself to the prisoners and allowed them to experience him and even take communion. This message will stir you out of apathy and grumbling over our little issues in life that are nothing in comparision with what this brother went through. May this message show us the needs to pray and support the persecuted church. “It is a shame to be a luke-warm Christian”.


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2 responses to “The Beauty of Nothing

  1. I didn’t even know he wrote this book, I read Tortured for Christ, and that had a profound effect on my life. I would love to read this book too. thanks for letting me know it was out there.

  2. I heard the man speak in my youner years early on in my walk with christ and it had a profound effect on my life as well as the book, truly taking up your cross and denying self was very evident in this mans life and ministry.

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